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Sales Representative Student

Are you looking to earn money while you go to school?

Do you need to pay for school expenses: tuition, books, rent, food, transit?

Do you like a flexible work schedule?

Would you like to save for travel?

Do you like to have fun?

AVON can help you get these…
  • You determine how many hours you want to work.

  • Work from anywhere with a mobile device: shop; easily share your business with the AVON SPARK app. Social media is at your fingertips! Your business may grow from anywhere within Canada.

  • Everyday products at exceptional prices.

  • Take advantage of the virtual and in field training available to you for free.

  • No up-front cost. No minimum orders required. No inventory necessary.

  • AVON is an iconic company, around for more than 130 years, in 100 countries.

  • AVON continues to be a Leader in the Beauty Industry, constantly developing new, hot to market, trend setting products.

  • Add Business Owner and Entrepreneur to your resume.

  • Be part of something bigger, AVON is the largest corporate donor to the Breast Cancer Cause, having donated over one billion dollars globally.

  • Your business, your way: Saving, Selling, Leading, you decide.

How to apply:

If you are curious and serious about joining over six million
AVON Independent Sales Representatives and Leaders, contact: Jody Pillo
AVON District Sales Manager at 647-923-5539 or